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About Michael

Michael Hastings counsellor and psychotherapist

It has always been my belief that no matter what the situation a person finds themselves in or what stage of life they are at there is always the possibility of change driven by hope. Hope is however the essential prerequisite: without hope change is often chaotic, frightening, and unmanageable. Even a little hope is sufficient … it can be cultivated … it can be nurtured … from there possibilities emerge which draw us into our sense of agency, our sense of what could be … if we choose it…..


I was a member of the Irish Defence Forces (Army) for more than twenty-five years. I served overseas on eight occasions from the Middle East to the Balkans to East Africa. I will always be grateful for the companionship and friendships that helped to form me as a person over some very difficult times. My experiences showed time after time that searching outside oneself for completion and fulfilment is bound to end in failure and disappointment. While others can provide an example to us of what is possible the journey to being a better version of yourself starts from within. This journey occurs in stages … there are no short cuts … each stage has its lessons and opportunities for us … We have little real control over the journey other than our attitude to it and our willingness to grow and change as the opportunities arise and to help others along the way ….


I am a humanistic and integrative therapist who is client centred. I use whatever therapeutic tool I have available in order to bring the client to a space of growth and self-knowledge. I always believe in having a plan when it comes to therapy, otherwise there is the danger of creating dependency.


When therapy ends it should be a celebration of what has been achieved where the tools you have “borrowed” in therapy become yours to use on other parts of your life. I believe that we are equal partners in a process of growth and change where I bring education, knowledge training and expertise and the client brings their life experience and growth process … there will always be things that the client does not wish to or is currently unable or unwilling to share. They retain control of this aspect, they are the “Captain of their ship.”


I have been a member of the British Psychological Society (BPS) since 2003.


I am also a member of the APCP (Association of Professional Counsellors and Psychotherapists).


I follow a strict ethical code which can be seen here:


And code of conduct which can be seen here:

I am fully insured.

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